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Do you have interest in working on an early-stage product, from the ideation, user analysis to the final development of the characteristics? Are you looking for an inspirational team who can make you grow and generate a great impact in the way that companies communicate?


If your answer is yes, Welcome to Camillion!


What is Camillion?

Camillion is the slack on the go!

Nowadays, video has all the meaning, our way of communicate is going to change, instead of the time that we want to communicate. Camillion adapts to every context and person, without any computer or heavy structure. 

Tomás (Tech lead) is going to explain you what it Camillion:


“Our idea is to evolve the written communication by mail to an audiovisual communication  oriented to the youngsters.  In the  pandemic time, we learnt to work remotely, but we don't want to develop something related to video calls. We think that asynchronous mixing with the new video  technologies can improve the time management, avoiding these long and time-killer meetings. In this way, you can have meetings and optimize the user´s time. Nowadays,  we have a product in the last stage of the beta and we´re adding users, listening to their feedback and  creating new characteristics which can be very useful.”


Our clients are companies with visual needs, on the go who need to move a lot and the video is a good value for their communication. All these companies have management who wants to engage with his team remotely and want to be polite on the time. 

Users now prefer to communicate through the phone rather than the computer 


Do you find this interesting? Okay, so let's continue! 👇



What will your contributions be? 

As a Head of Product, your mission will be to lead the engineering team and orientate our product to our vision and company’ objectives, by improving the user experience through researching the final features and meeting them in the client's onboarding. In this way, we will reach our objective of growing the number of the users at the product.

Your contribution in Camillion will be exceptional if your develop these roles:

As Product Owner

  • You will be the bridge between Business and Technology areas, getting information of both sides and channeling the need of the users and how can we solve it 
  • You will identify different inputs that will make us detect real needs
  • You will lead and ask feedback questions that we make to the user for understanding what problems are they finding and considering new hypotheses
  • You will approach proactively our final users in order to understand how they use the product  
  • You will reformulate constantly different hypotheses and validate them with different technics
  • You will draw conclusions through quantitative and qualitative analytics 

As Product Culture leader 

  • You will organize and prioritize the definition of the team workflow in order to achieve the product roadmap and agilize processes
  • You will be a leader, influencing the team and helping them to put the efforts in the long time without losing the vision at the present
  • You will be the main leader and guardian to create a “product culture”, that is, all the team understand how to interact with the user and product, and you will contribute to harmonize the daily day climate, by exchanging real and powerful feedback to the team 
  • You will be a real leader for all the company: you will help to unify business objectives with product objectives, supporting the team to reflect and focus on the long-term



What will make you succeed with us? 

  • You have previously experienced the product leading and development from scratch, or at least in an early stage  
  • Previous experience leading B2B products
  • You have a very oriented vision of the project, from the strategic side of the business to the product patterns
  • Capability of leadership that make all the product team to rush, it will be great if you also have experience in environments where agile methodologies are main protagonists
  • You are very well organized, with capacity of leading different projects emerged from making the product definition and the product roadmap
  • Outstanding English speaking skills: able to conduct different interviews as well as writing product specifications in fluent English




What will you win if you work with Camillion?

  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦  Teammates: Camilion is a project where the teammates are something near to a family. We have seen mates marrying, having kids and always putting effort into the project, always being positive and the best version of themselves.
  • Culture: In the team, you will find an effort culture, always oriented to the extra-mile , reinventing ourselves and taking nothing for granted. The continue reinventing, personal agreement and auto responsability are the key of our team
  • Work environment: We listen to our ideas, discuss them and develop the concepts that we all choose to follow. Starting a tech company from scratch means support between different company roles and the peace of knowing that they're going to give you a hand if something goes wrong.
  • Flexible and remote work : You will the owner and administrator of your time, The time is flexible  and the work is remote (the only thing that we will ask you is to visit us sometimes in the sunny Valencia!) 
  • Diverse startup ecosystem that provides much more than a job experience 


The salary will be around 40K- 55K + an attractive stock package 



With whom will you carry out these contributions?

Do you want to know who will be your future partners in this mission? No problem!

This is Adrian, Co-founder and CEO of Camillion. He will help you with the business part and he will be your confident in the development of the product.. Don't be afraid to contact him if you have any questions!

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Want to know more about Camillion?

Check this article from Valencia Plaza that explains our mission

> Although the best way to know Camillion is downloading and testing the app! (feedback is always welcome!)

Do not hesitate to contact us and leave your CV, we want to meet you!

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    Fully remote

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