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Chief Operations Officer - Be part of a disruptive project, enjoy learning and have impact on society! 

Do you want to work in a pioneering company in its sector, with an impact on society and relevant clients at a global level? Are you looking to boost your growth, through an innovative methodology and iterating on real cases?

Then Eticas is for you! 

Our mission, as pioneers who identify algorithmic vulnerabilities and retrain AI-powered technology, is to build a methodology to equip cognitive diversity algorithms so that we avoid bias, assure fairness and obtain more accurate results and, therefore, turn them into competitive advantage.

We seek to enhance our real impact on society, promoting awareness of a necessary innovation for a more fair and responsible future.

Do you want to participate? Keep reading! 👇

What will your contributions be? 

Your mission: Design the strategies of each project, make the consultancy scalable, and carry out the projects with success and customer satisfaction with a high-performance and motivated team.

Innerhalb the following roles, you will be responsible for:

  • Implementing grounded methodology, with defined phases and clear processes.
  • Being a key stakeholder for sales.
  • Being a leader for your team and a reference (best practices) for the organization.
  • Boosting a cohesive team across Eticas.
  • Operations Leader: We want you to grow algorithmic audit business strategy to become a global reference.
    • Pursue a higher success rate in collaboration with European projects.
    • Build of the Algorithmic Auditing business
    • Have clear algorithmic auditing business objectives
    • Improve the quality of our work (content and quality control).
    • Encourage the growth of the ecosystem & our business
    • Presence at external events
  • European Projects Specialist: We are already a reference but we can be even more so. Get to know us more, collaborate on more projects.
    • Lead the branch of projects, according to the European Commission.
    • Execute the projects according to the European Commission.
  • People Manager: you will create a high performance and motivated team (clear objectives and missions, confidence, self-leadership, autonomy, adhere to processes / methodology, etc).
    • Create and manage the team, defining clear roles and responsibilities and transparent KPIs.
    • Foster a good work environment / motivation.
    • Enhance the internal communication.

What benefits can Eticas bring you?

  • 🚩 Pioneer: We are pioneers of the sector in the world, so our day-to-day is never a routine. We embrace the challenge of learning everyday how to improve in our roles and how to add value to others!
  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦  Teammates: We work as a community, learning together from an emerging business. You will always count on us! We are diverse in technical and management profiles, whose motivation and knowledge we learn from everyday. We really care about what we do, because we want to have an impact in society through our work.
  • 🔨 Time and location flexibility: We are based in Barcelona, but you can work from anywhere you want - within Spain or EU zone. Also we work flexible hours, so feel free to set your own schedule.
  • 🌍  Real social impact on society: At Eticas we want to positively impact the world through our methodology. This will make you feel that you work in a company that wants to generate a global change, in pursuit of justice and responsibility.
  • 🥇  Self-organization: We believe in the independence in carrying out our tasks. We pursue our goals and insist on high standards. 
  • 🤲  Equal Opportunity Employer: We encourage and embrace diverse background, because we understand the value of diversity to increase our value as a company.

How will your first months at Eticas be?

  • First Month 📆: In your first month you will analyse and understand the company flow and the impact of our work in the ecosystem. You will also be working on your own, being autonomous in the creation of the team processes and standardization of the existing methodology.
  • First quarter 🌱: During your first months, we will introduce to you all our projects, making sure you understand all the strategies and methodologies followed until now, you will start meeting the team, having one on ones with them, understanding their roles and contributions, and you will start collecting all the info you need to start leading different projects and processes for the team.
  • To the moon 🚀: You will be a key piece in landing the strategy of Eticas and in boosting our impact in Europe, taking part of external events and challenging our methodology. We will count on you to guide Eticas through an emerging sector as a high performing team!

What will make you succeed with us? 

  • +3 years experience escalating processes and services: As we grow as a company, we also need to perform a professionalization and industrialization of every methodology we validate at Eticas.
  • +2 years involved in People Management processes: At Eticas we are scaling as a team, and that’s why we need some structure concerning people processes. We expect you to be the owner of modelling these processes.
  • +2 years experience managing European projects (European R&D, European Commission): Our core business involves a leadership role in European programs, such as Horizon 2020 or FP 7 (financing, products ...). That’s why we need your previous experience on handling this kind of projects.
  • Be proactive & take ownership: We will need you to look for the tasks and not for them to look for you. Once you know your role, we expect from you to make it your own and add value on a daily basis.
  • Be passionate about Social Sciences and Technology: We expect from you to be the leader of strategy concerning algorithms auditing and methodology, and thus we need you to be aware of the latest research and be able to make data-driven decisions, based on Social Science.

We would also appreciate if…

  • You have knowledge in certification and standardization
  • You’ve worked with data science tools
  • You have a Privacy Concern: you challenge Data Laws and you are concerned about the importance of Data.
  • You live in Barcelona (Spain)
  • You hold a PhD or any research experience
  • You have experience in global ethics and technology networks

With whom will you carry out these contributions?

Do you want to know who will be your future partner in this mission? No problem!

We present you Gemma who will be your leader in Eticas. Gemma has an important social conscience, which is reflected in the foundation's activism. This feeling is what led her to create Eticas, and that is why she has high quality standards. She can help you with everything you need and more. Don't be afraid to contact her if you have any questions!

Gemma Galdón


We would also want you to meet your partners who work at the foundation (Nour), Communications & Marketing (Álvaro), and your team (Emma & Martín). 

If after everything we have explained, you think you are the best candidate... DO NOT HESITATE! 

Apply in this offer and live the experience with ETICAS!

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

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