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rDo you want to be the spearhead of a company whose purpose is to improve the life of the digital generations? Do you like to be always researching and do you feel amazed with the new ideas? Do you think that innovation and creation of new products is the most important side of the business? If the answer is yes, then you will love Barner Brand!


What is Barner?

We have a clear mission: empower the life of the digital generations by creating functional, creative and beautifully designed products. Our strong and fast growth has been built by a team of proactive, smart, creative, hands on, hard working people who embrace the Barner’s culture. 

We will avoid you to feel like a number, as a core part of the team, your work will have a visible impact on the world. We want to fuel your passion 🔥. 

Do you find this interesting? Okay, so let's continue! 👇



What will your contributions be? 

Your mission will be to manage the entire process of creation and development of new products: from the research of new trends that could fit with the values and purpose of Barner, to manage samples and treat with factories and stakeholders, improving the catalogue of products in an eco-conscious way. In other words: you will be a tactical player that will bring the development of new Barner’s products in the long term.

Your contribution in the mission will be totally satisfactory if you fulfill the following responsibilities:

Product visionary 🔮

  • Be an expert on the market, conduct discovery sessions to find new trends outside and empathizing with our clients
  • Analyze the Barner´s niche market and where they can have an business opportunity in order to develop product strategies
  • Develop new ideas that will turn into opportunities that will generate winning products which would rock with Barner‘s strategy
  • Run the daily execution of the product strategy, making tough tactical prioritization decisions while helping the company to think in a long-term

Amazing designer 👩🏻‍💻

  • Apply these new  ideas in order to develop new lines of products  to increase our catalogue
  • Prepare technical sheets to share information with the suppliers, coordinate with them to make sure the development process is following the scheduled product calendar. 

Process follower 👀

  • Monitoring samples and perform quality production controls to have the ideal materials for our products
  • Manage supply chain operations and coordinate with Operations team.

Futhermore, the startup environment is multirole, so it will be interesting  if you know how to manage the scouting of interesting factories and suppliers and manage communication and process with them


What will make you succeed with us? 

  • +3 years of experience in design and launching products for a company with similar characteristics to Barner Brand. (We are going to be confident with you in order to develop new products for the brand, so you need to have knowledge and know-how behind you)
  • Experience working and managing relations with differentes industries and stakeholders: you will need to know which is the best industry for a certain product and have the ability to be in contact with them, shadowing the process 
  • Being proactive and a self-sufficient person: You will have full control of the products. You will manage and follow the whole process, so it is essential that you are  independent, in order to develop these products. 
  • Being a creative person who can bring and develop great ideas for new products which can fit with the brand
  • Having people’s skills, being able to perfectly keep up the good relations with collaborators and ensuring they are pleased and content. 



What will you win if you work with Barner?

For this question, we asked Ramón (Co-founder of Barner Brand), what will earn the new product designer, and that was his answer:


...We like seeing people’s change and growth when they start working with us, and we have seen it a lot in Barner. A real life example is our Brand manager who has become a role model with a strong opinion. 

 For me, a person who comes to work for  Barner  it's a person who is going to learn how to lead people and teams (when he or she gains it  they will have their own team), and to learn everything about the startup's  environment, understanding how the crowdfunding platform works,. I think this could be interesting for him, especially if some day this person wants to start a business on his own…

Alongside all of this, we have the padawan mindset, he or she will focus on their own professional and personal growth. We have a separate budget for training and educating full time employees.

Of course, this person will be in the process of business development. He or she will not be only a number because this doesn't fit with our culture, he or she is going to have a lot of impact on  the business.  He or she will enjoy a multicultural team with 8 different nationalities And, of course, this person will be the spearhead for our new products and for me that is amazing...



And, we can tell you more benefits:

  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦  Teammates: We work as a community, with a very good Flow among all and where there will always be someone with you to help you through good times and bad. You will always count on us! The team is supportive of each other, pulling together through the busy periods and always making sure to have fun and to celebrate successes.
  • 🔨 Flexibility: At Barner we are guided by a clear value "Passion for life", you can shape your professional life around your personal life. 
  • 🌍  Impact on the world: At Barner we want to positively impact the world through our initiatives. This will make you feel that you work in a company that wants to generate a global change.


And finally… Do you want to know more things about us?


Check our values: 

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And you you can also watch our website, our Youtube channel  or hear an interview of our founders in Spotify


If after everything we have told you, you want to join us, do not hesitate! 
Apply in this offer and live your new adventure with Barner Brand
And don´t forget to send us your portfolio! (it's essential for your application!)

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

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