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Hey #HRFreak, this is the new Fresh People era, 

Our purpose:

We work with Tech companies with the purpose of placing people in the center of the company. We follow that purpose through two missions: (1) supporting companies in their growth; by impacting Management, Structure, Culture and Processes, and (2) by matching people’s values with the culture of the companies with whom we work.  We co-create agile, functional and scalable cultures with a strong impact on human and social development - In short, doing good, making money & being happy.

We are passionate about helping organizations to scale and give their best. We love meeting new people and generating impact on different projects.

Are you feeling the same way? 


The mission of a People Specialist Partner in Fresh People…

As a People Specialist Partner you will support different Startups & Tech Companies to define the best HR strategy to generate impact on people and business. You will be a point of reference in people management, launching and coordinating different projects with managers and teams that will bring optimal growth outcomes. 

Imagine being the next HR reference for some of the sexiest Startups of the market, as Barner Brand, Blue Banana Brand, Streamloots, Tropicfeel, Criptan, Verse, Wondo


Who We Are

We are dreamers, disruptive freaks of HR; people willing to make an impact on the companies with which we work.

If you join us you will be a part of a strong team composed of different levels of seniority, where decision and ownership is shared. We want to ensure we always provide a positive experience to our clients and share understanding. 

We will support you in becoming an HR maker that thinks out of the box and creates processes as an artist. 


About our values

It is very important that you feel that the following values embody your style of mindset:

SHARING (IS CARING) good moments & joy. Building things together that we couldn't do alone and share them to our partners and the world.

GRATITUDE is more than an action, is adopting a positive attitude towards yourself, life and the team in every challenge.

GROWTH MINDSET is looking for continuous development, living difficulties as unique opportunities for personal and professional learning. This mindset will drive you to learn and execute like an artist, always adapting your resources to our partner’s needs.

IMPACT and provide value to our partners in each interaction, with focus on detail, personalization and going to extramile in every moment of the collaboration.

Now that you have met us, let’s focus on the role of a People Specialist Partner.


The Challenge - what the role looks like?

In order to be successful on the mission, you will have to develop different roles with different contributions that will bring you the excellence:


As a Partner - Project Owner

  • You will be the owner of different HR projects, that means you will be the main point of contact and reference at the whole cycle of the project: from the kick-off meeting, needs prioritization, methodology, actions needed, to the update of the PM tool, sprint meetings and Fresh People talent management.
  • As you will be the main point of contact of our partners, you will act as a Mentor for C-levels of the company, ensuring communication and priorities are well defined
  • You will be a guardian of the Fresh People methodology: you will participate in the standardisation of different tools and approaches to ensure alignment within all the people involved, while you will be involved in all the projects from end to end. 
  • All your actions will have a clear priority: make our clients happy with our Fresh-methods! 


As an Agile HR-Consultant

  • Agile manifesto will be present in the way you work:  continuous delivery of value, simplicity, face-to-face (virtually) conversations as a more efficient way, self-organising teams bring better results, continuous improvement of the process by implementing teams retrospectives to learn and adjust accordingly. 
  • As Consultant you will bring to every project all your knowledge and experience in different HR areas: recruitment, onboarding, talent management, leadership, OKRs and goal setting, development plan, wellbeing & engagement, culture & values (and more)

As a Recruitment Specialist

  • Guide our partners on the launching of the Job Description according to their real needs: having in reference business needs, talent map and priorities. Use Inbound recruiting strategy to bring greater value on the Job Offer
  • You will be the leader of all the recruiting process: working closely with the Hiring Manager to use the best approach to attract the best candidates, defining an accurate process where different evaluation tools will be used at the different stages of the interview process, providing resolutive feedback according to the priorities, as well as supporting the Hiring Managers on the final decision and onboarding. 
  • You will care and ensure the candidates are living a great experience during the recruiting process: by providing constant feedback, counselling them in every stage, using creative manners to keep them engaged in the recruiting process (we have a goal of +75% satisfaction for our candidates!)

As a Brand Contributor

  • Being a People Specialist Partner in Fresh People implies much more than driving excellence in HR processes, we will expect of you to promote our Branding online, sharing our philosophy with the audience and supporting our Marketing team to improve community engagement (i.e. contributing to the Freak Blog, Podcasting, media strategy, etc.)
  • You will use your potential to attract new deals, launching new initiatives of collaboration & partnerships that will increase our network and will support us to commit our vision of being the main HR reference partner for Startups and Tech Companies. 

Sounds Good! Now, what do I need to be successful in this challenge?

Easy, we will expect from you to be a clear #HRFreak, that means: 

  • You are really passionate about HR, People & Startups
  • You are a nonconformist and have a practicer mindset: you always challenge yourself to make things differently, you try to be updated of new trends in HR and then implement new ideas in your work
  • You are creative and genius, that is you are not afraid to design new processes out of the box
  • Passion is inside your blood, and you bring it on your execution
  • You understand teamwork as we do following our values: sharing, caring, greeting and supporting.

It will be great if:

  • You have at least 3 years of experience leading HR processes in Startup environment
  • You have proven skills in: mentoring, coaching, group workshops, OKRs and global HR processes
  • You are not afraid and skilled in leading IT Recruiting Processes and C-level positions
  • You are fluent in Spanish, and also able to conduct quality conversations in English with international candidates and stakeholders.

What will we bring to you?

  • Being part of the growth of a new company from the beginning is an incredible opportunity that you won’t forget. 
  • Impact on different companies and understand different business models and challenges. 
  • Create and lead an area while becoming the best coach your team could dream. 
  • Work with a young and energized team that loves working with people, caring people and creating great moments of joy
  • Flexible working hours as a result of our objective-oriented and autonomy philosophy.
  • We work remotely - that means you will be able to work from anywhere ;)
  • Competitive salary 
  • Our Perks include: a year subscription to headspace, book challenge (choose the book you want to read next), and beautiful gifts from our partners (working glasses, fashion clothes, accessories for travelling & more!)

What Will your first days look like?


  • The first month 🌱: For the first few weeks, we will make sure that you understand everything of Fresh People ecosystem, our methodology, the values and the team. You will start to analyze all our processes, we will expect you to be self-confident, so do not be afraid of suggesting new improvements, as this will be part of your adventure and we want you to feel part of the challenge! You will start conducting some interviews and will start having quality conversations with our partners in order to get all the information you need.

  • The First Quarter 🚀: You will have met the team and will be familiar with our procediments, little by little you will start having one to ones with us (as we want to support you on this adventure and your professional growth)  and start thinking about how to develop a greater HR consulting strategy meanwhile you bring new optimal resources to improve daily-day processes. You will work closely with us to lead new projects and start implementing actions that will impact our partner’s development.  After this process, we expect you to become a role model who will inspire the rest of the team and will help the organisation in delivering high-performance OKRs.

  • To the moon 🌜: Fresh People will challenge you to grow in your impact on the companies by taking initiative and ownership in amazing new challenges, you will be representative of our brand in every action and conversation, you will start having different impacts in all the ecosystem by promoting good team practices, enrolling other stakeholders, supporting on sales, and implementing new methods.  We expect you to develop yourself not only professionally, but also personally, having the opportunity to improve your skills as a business performance and strategic mindset. Similarly we expect you to do the same with the team, influencing them in good practices, sharing values, while creating a vibrant atmosphere where joyful and trust are key factors for Fresh People. 


Do you want to know us better?

  • Get familiar with our Fresh Manifesto
  • Start meeting our partners by listening to our Fresh & Friends podcast where we have powerful conversations with them about: purpose, team development, values in high-performance teams & more!
  • Have a look at our Freak Blog, we speak about our methods & experiences
  • Fall in love with the creativities at our Instagram account - Carlos Carreras is a magician that turns complex topics into simple and funny content.

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

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